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Vinovae WSET Level 1 Wine Kit


Vinovae WSET Level 1 Wine Kit

Your tasting notes will be sent to you as a PDF document attached to your order confirmation email. The note is written by a WSET Approved Program Provider and we will keep it updated to ensure that the tasting note you receive is professional and matches your samples.

You will find 10 wine samples in this WSET LEVEL-1 tasting kit:

1. Australian Shiraz (full-bodied)

2. California White Zinfandel (medium-sweet)

3. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

4. Chilean Chardonnay (oaked)

5. Italian Pinot Grigio (young, simple)

6. Beaujolais (young)

7. Chianti

8. Mosel Riesling (medium-sweet)

9. Chilean Pinot Noir

10. CĂ´tes de Bordeaux
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