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About Us

Esipz was founded by the management of the Wine Education Institute who were frustrated by the ability to provide tasting samples to their online students. They soon realized that to provide samples affordably, efficiently and legally that a new company would need to be created.

Esipz now partners with our own winery and distillery to repackage wines and spirits in a format accessible for students. Every wine or spirit that is handled by us now becomes a new product due to rectification and international bottling laws. Every wine is now certified with the TTB and recieves its own Certificate of Label Approval becoming a wine from Colorado despite originating from around the world. 

As wine and spirit afficionados, concern for oxidation is paramount when re-bottling so we have our own proprietary bottling line. Argon is applied into the blending hopper prior to filling and then again as a blanket before the process begins. Each and every 50ml PET bottle is also flushed with Argon before the liquid is introduced. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes and is designed to minimize oxidation.

This project opens the door for exploration of the world's wines to individuals throughout the US and Canada regardless of the local supply limitations and at immense savings over purchasing an entire bottle just to sample. Already the scope has expanded to kits for specific distributors and even individual regional wine governing bodies excited to provide customers with an idea of what their AOC/DO/DOC/AVA etc has to offer.

Feel free to use the contact us page to send us your ideas for this technology, we'd be happy to discuss your applications and continue to make fine wine & spirits available in tasting portions to the public and potential distributors.

Daniel & Barney